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Portola 1909 Pt. 4


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Portola Festival 1909

San Francisco Portolá [Portola] Festival 1909


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Portola - Part 4 of 5


Queen Virgilia of the 1909 Portolá [Portola] Festival



A Pacific Novelty card shows Virgilia walking on Covarrubias’ arm on Market Street. The message on the back whispers of Virgilia’s secret marriage... no, engagement, news of which leaked out six weeks later. The husband-to-be was Carlo Cesarej Baron, an interior decorator turned streetcar motorman. After their marriage the couple moved to Italy where depression overtook Virgilia. She was eventually institutionalized.  Yet looking at a postcard of the royal couple walking proudly down San Francisco’s grandest thoroughfare, one should take note that “She had been Queen.”

San Francisco Portolá [Portola] Festival 1909
























Portolá [Portola] Festival

San Francisco, Cal.

October 19 - 23, 1909



Portolá [Portola] Festival of 1909
























Official Post Card Portolá [Portola] Festival

Sing Fat building in San Francisco's Chinatown with Queen Virgilia (Virgilia Bogue).




Portolá [Portola] Festival of 1909
























Greetings from San Francisco

Meet Me at

Portolá [Portola] Festival

October 19th to 23rd




Portola - Part 5 (Portolá [Portola] Festival of 1909) Continued...



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