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Protecting Postcards and Postcard Albums

There are many choices in albums.  Discount drug stores have different types of photo albums that work well for postcards: one, two, four or six to a page with white or black dividers.  Clear 4 pocket pages are available at postcard and stamp shows; they fit standard 3 hole binders.  In any case, if your cards are special and you want to protect them fully you should put each card in a Mylar or polypropylene sleeve before putting them in the album pages.  Sleeves are available at postcard shows and from postcard supply dealers.  Many postcard and supply dealers advertise in "Barr's Post Card News" and "Postcard Collector" magazines.  You can order sample copies of magazines from Barr's News at 1-800-397-0145 or Postcard Collector at 1-800-258-0929 and look through their ads for postcard supplies.

You might also want to browse (1-888-270-0552).

If your cards are truly special and you want top quality albums take a look at (1-800-828-6216) an archival supplies dealer.

If you want to display postcards on a wall they could be framed with or without a professionally cut mat. It might be fun to have them matted and framed so that the backs can be seen, too. Ultraviolet (UV) filtering glass would be best, and they should not be exposed to sunlight, heat or dampness.


There is a story that starts on page 3 of our July 2003 club newsletter about postcard albums. The article is located at

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